Take Watermelon Seeds and Boil Them !READ WHY …

Watermelons are tasty but what about the seeds? You throw them away as I did before reading this …


I recently discovered that watermelon seeds have many health benefits especially for the functioning of the digestive system.

They pass through the digestive tract and immediately improve your digestion because they are rich with fiber, which promotes a healthy digestion, treats intestinal parasites, and even jaundice.

To be helpful the seeds must be cook, roast or ground .Homemade watermelon seed tea for example, is great for removing kidney stone.

Seeds are rich in citrulline (an organic complex that is a powerful antioxidant ) so they will :

  • widens blood vessels,
  • improve atherosclerosis,
  • regulate high blood pressure,
  • cure angina pectoris,
  • enhance heart function,
  • boost memory and concentration,
  • improve muscle cells in the body.

Watermelon seeds are rich with :magnesium, niacin, calcium, antioxidants, vitamin C, iron, Vitamin B, Vitamin A and manganese.

How to make a homemade tea?


-crush and ground 4 tablespoons of fresh watermelon seeds


-boil them in 2 liters of water and do it fr 15 minutes

How to consume it:

1.Drink this tea for two days.

2.Take a break the next day.

3.Repeat this for a couple of weeks.


Collect bigger amounts of watermelon seeds during the summer so you will have to make the tea whenever you want.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share this health remedy with friends and family!