Natural Antibiotics That Drug Companies Don’t Want You to Know

There’s something of crisis going on the medical industry owing to the use of antibiotics. Antibiotics are drugs like penicillin that are able to kill infections and they’re highly effective and powerful when it comes to fighting infections such as gangrene and cellulitis.

It’s no wonder that the invention of penicillin is often considered a turning point for mankind – it was the point at which we stopped dying simply as a result of getting a bad infection.


But now these antibiotics have become overused. As a result, much of the bacteria they’re used to treat has started to adapt and to become immune. All of a sudden, doctors find themselves unable to use the same treatments they previously would have because they’ve become ineffective.

And antibiotics can take a bit of a toll on the person’s body too. They kill all bacteria you see and that includes the bacteria in your gut. Use them too much and you can end up with digestion issues and other problems. There is such thing as ‘good bacteria‘ after all.

Should we throw out antibiotics? Certainly not. There are cases of advanced infection where these drugs are absolutely necessary.

But then again, doctors have also been known to prescribe them when they aren’t necessary. In these cases, you might instead choose to turn to natural alternatives that can still do a very good job of combating infections. They’re a little less known because well, they can’t be sold for anywhere near as much money!


Garlic is super effective at killing bacteria and is often recommended as a treatment for all kinds of infections and problems. You can even make your own garlic syrup for chest infections which is highly effective. This is cheap, easy and if you add the flakes to your meals you’ll be less likely to get infections to begin with.

Salt and Water

A simple disinfectant you can make yourself is a saline solution. Just mix some salt with some water and then apply this to cuts and open wounds and you’ll prevent infection. Rinse your mouth with it and you’ll improve your breath and combat gum disease.

Vitamin C

You know what the very most powerful way of fighting an infection is? Leave it to your immune system! Your immune system is made of anti-bacterial agents called white blood cells! And how do you strengthen your immune system?

By consuming vitamin C. You can actually handle a lot of illnesses with vitamin C alone too, which include polio, diphtheria and whooping cough.

Oregano Oil

Speaking of the overuse of antibiotics, staphylococcus virus is a problem that was almost entirely caused this way.

Oregano oil is not only a good antibiotic but actually good enough to treat staphylococcus in some cases where many other measures failed.

Try adding these to your diet to improve your recovery form infections. If your symptoms are severe and spreading though, then follow your doctor’s advice. It might not be pleasant, but sometimes drugs are the safest option.